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8 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean 150 150 corey

8 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

8 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

Think about it. Is it really worth renting a storage unit to store your keepsakes if they get ruined from dust, water or bugs anyway? No matter how fancy of a facility you rent from, it’s still important to keep things clean to avoid any unwanted damage. Here are 8 easy tips to keeping your storage unit clean! 

  1. First of all, PURGE. Keep, Discard and Donate. If you’re going to clean, it only makes sense to get rid of things that you no longer need as you go. Donating items is a great way to help other people instead of just taking it to the local solid waste.

  2. Keep cleaning supplies in your unit. Bring some type of cleaning spray, a rag and maybe a broom! Make it a habit, that every time you access your unit you do a quick wipe down to make sure things are remaining in good shape and you’re not allowing them to build up over time.

  3. Wrap! Get industrial plastic wrap and wrap whatever you can. This way, you know things are sealed up tight and won’t collect dust or creepy crawlies. 

  4. Pallets. Honestly, this was one of the greatest ideas I read long ago and used it when I rented a standard unit. Keeping your items off the floor is almost essential. This keeps melting snow or spills from an adjacent unit from soaking in and ruining your heirloom sofa. 

  5. Label. If you’re ever in a hurry to find something, chances are you pull boxes apart until you eventually find your item. Then you have to run and you don’t have the time to pack everything back up, so you know you’re going to come back to a mess. It’s smart to label everything. Label the hidden and the obvious. It saves time and prevents making too much of a mess. 

  6. Use Plastic over cardboard. Three words. Soggy Cardboard boxes. Rain, moisture and even humidity can cause your boxes to sog and bottoms to rip out. Clothes and items inside of cardboard boxes have a greater chance of getting ruined, sour and even growing mold than those items would in a plastic box. 

  7. NO FOOD. Bringing food into your storage unit is just asking for ants, rats and all kinds of creepy pests. It also can cause things to stink. So just don’t do it.

  8. Stay on top of pests. You can buy a 1.5 gallon container of bug spray for $12 at Lowes. It would be smart to keep this in your unit and so each time you visit you can just spray the perimeter to create that barrier so bugs will stay out of your unit. 

You rented a unit to keep your valuables safe and in good shape. I hope these storage tips help you in cleaning and (re)organizing your storage unit today! 

How Do I Choose A Storage Unit? 150 150 corey

How Do I Choose A Storage Unit?

How Do I Choose A Storage Unit?

Decide on the Type of Storage Unit You Need

Take a look at the things you plan to put into storage. You may already have an idea of the size of storage unit you want to rent, but keep in mind that you don’t want to just rent a storage unit that will fit all of your items, you want a unit where you can fit yourself inside with a little room to work. If you ever want to be able to get your items out, you don’t want to pack your storage space wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Many people get the smallest possible unit they can get in order to save money, and then wind up having to empty half of it to get to a box that’s in the back. Don’t be that guy, unless you know you’ll never need anything you’re putting inside.

Do Your Homework

Now we’re going to focus on how you can find storage buildings as opposed to at-home storage boxes sealed boxes that you can’t access when you want to go get your Christmas lights. First, don’t get stuck on the storage facility closest to your home. Here are some things to do before you even pick up the phone.

  • Don’t get stuck on location. There’s no faster way to find yourself storing your precious memories in a facility that sucks than to get stuck working with the one that just happens to be closest to you or cheapest in your community. Cast your net wide enough so you have a good handful of options that you can investigate. 

  • Check the reviews. Look up the storage facility on Google. You obviously want to take reviews with a grain of salt, but if they’re all bad or there’s a recurring theme, you may want to steer clear. The reviews can also give you some insight into what you may want to keep an eye out for if you go visit the storage facility.

  • Compare the gate and office hours. A number of storage units only post their gate hours, to make the location sound like it’s open later than it really is. Remember there’s a difference. The gate hours are usually the hours in which you can access your storage unit, but the office hours are almost always shorter. If you have a problem or need to speak to someone, you’ll only be able to address your issues during office hours. Similarly, make sure the gate and access hours are convenient for you. If your storage unit closes at 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s probably not very convenient, and there may be a reason why.

Go Visit and Ask Questions

Now that you know what you’re looking for and you have a few options, it’s time to go take a look at the storage locations you’re considering. Once you walk through the door, don’t be pressured to sign on the dotted line right away, even if the property management tries to tell you that units are limited. Most companies will let you at least hold a unit overnight so you can think it over. Make the most of your visit by looking around and asking questions instead.

  • Ask the property management if you can see the unit you would actually get. This, or at least a unit on the same floor or in the same area. Some storage facilities will show you a clean, 3rd floor unit but actually rent you a dirty, bug-infested basement one, so be assertive if you have to so you can see a unit representative of the one you’ll actually sign for.

  • Ask if there are any rental specials or discounts available. Most storage companies will offer you the first month free or for $1, which makes the transition from an old storage unit to a new one really easy (especially if you’ve already paid for the last month in the old unit) or if you want to make moving into the new unit a little less painful on the wallet. If they don’t offer a special, don’t worry, the next one you visit probably will.

  • Find out what happens if you miss or are late on a payment. In many places, storage units aren’t treated like apartments. On the first day of the month, your rent is automatically late. Grace periods vary by the company or even by the state, and in some cases even being a few days late with your payment means your unit’s contents can be auctioned off to the highest bidder at a wholesale auction. The last storage unit I rented gave me that scare tactic, and reminded me that I should always be timely or else the unit would be scheduled for auction and I would incur daily late fees. Make sure you know what your storage unit’s policy is before you’re stuck trying to do a wire transfer or pay online because you left town without dropping off a check.

Once you’ve seen the unit you would actually get and you have a good understanding of what you’d be getting into, ask the property manager if you can put the unit on hold if you like what you see. They may or may not be able to, but don’t fall for high-pressure tactics. Even if you can’t hold the unit, get a business card so you get back in touch with the person you met.

Hopefully, this helps you to find the perfect storage unit possible and hopefully that storage unit is ours!

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Categorizing Your Storage

Categorizing Your Storage

Once you have begun renting a unit there are some tricks in the way you organize that will help keep things you need most accessible. When most people move their stuff into a unit they begin stacking it from back-to-front until it is full. Taking a little time to organize will save you a lot of time in the future when you need to find something. 

  • Label Your Boxes, Bins, and Containers

If you mark what type of items or specify the room contents on the outside of the box it will save you from digging through all your boxes when you need to find something. For example, simply marking “kitchenware” or “photography equipment” on the outside of your boxes will help you know directly where to go when you need to find a specific item.

  • Place Frequently Used Items at the Front

Take a moment to assess which things you use most and will potentially need to access in the near future. Keep those items at the front by the door and you won’t have to crawl over all your stuff to find the things you need. 

  • Sketch a Diagram

Of all the suggestions, this one is probably the most ingenious. As you fill your unit, draw a sketch of where boxes and items are stored to reference when you need them in the future. 

  • Use Vertical Space

Using shelves in Storage is a great way to maximize the efficiency of the space you have while keeping your stuff organized and easy to access. Make sure you determine what size of unit you will need by using a “storage size estimator” and then fully utilize the space you have by neatly stacking it with shelf-units. 

Being organized is one of the most efficient ways to save time and energy, but also to avoid the headaches that come with using self-storage. If you have any questions about what type of storage you might need, call or email us by clicking on the link! (CONTACT US).

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Customer Benefits Of AutoPay

Customer Benefits Of AutoPay

Have you ever wanted to set up an automatic payment plan but have been hesitant because you have never done it before? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Anyone who has set up an AutoPay plan can tell you that it can be scary the first time, but in reality, it’s extremely beneficial and secure. Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Reduced risk of identity theft. Many people believe paper bills are safer than electronic payments. However, experts say a paper bill sitting in a mailbox with your name and account number is actually putting yourself at a higher risk for identity theft than electronic payment. 

  2. Lower cost. Checks, stamps, ATMS and your time – four things that are not free. However, AutoPay is. Paper billing is spending more money for less convenience. 

  3. Stay on time. Late payments occasionally decrease your credit score and late fees are no fun either. Autopay allows effortless and timely payments.

  4. Peace of mind. You never have to miss a payment and you can add ‘stress’ to the list of things you won’t miss when you set up automatic payments. Your amount that you have to pay will automatically come out on the same day of your choice each month.

Setting up automatic payments at your storage facility, will allow you to worry less and keep you from jolting out of bed in the morning when you realize you forgot to pay for your storage unit. 

Although AutoPay is convenient and secure, it may not be for everyone. If you don’t have a bank account or your income is very irregular, it may not be the ideal payment system for you. Consider these things before setting up an AutoPay plan.

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Benefits of Moving Companies

Benefits of Moving Companies

While moving your belongings from one location to another, you’d be surprised at how quickly a long distance move can get out of hand. Hiring a full service moving company, means you’re already saving yourself the headache and stress of making costly mistakes during a crucial part of your life. 

After a long couple weeks of packing up everything you own, the time has come to rent a moving van and you suddenly realize there’s a lot more going into the process than just the call to reserve one.

Moving Companies Capture Moving Costs in One Place

Where do I get the van? How much will gas cost? What about extra insurance while I move? A moving company will simplify everything and provide you with an even custom quote that captures your entire cost of moving in one place. After a long couple weeks of packing up everything you own, the time has come to rent a moving van and you suddenly realize there’s a lot more going into the process than just the call to reserve one.

Moving Companies Save Time and Energy

Next, you suddenly start to wonder how exactly you’re going to get your washer and dryer into the moving van on your own? 

Not only will the moving company take care of all the dirty work for you, they’ll also come in and build a plan based on your needs and their years of experience to make the move go as smoothly as they possibly can.

Moving Companies are Familiar with Areas

The drive has been long and you’re unfamiliar with your new area? Navigating a ‘foreign’ place can be hard enough in a regular vehicle, let alone moving a truck full of your own belongings. A moving company will often specialize in specific areas of the country, which means they’ll know they’re way around a little better than you do and they can be sure that everything arrives intact and on time. 

A Moving Company can Provide a Peace of Mind

Your truck is finally unloaded, you’re exhausted, your back hurts and all of your hair is officially pulled out!  Bringing all the above benefits together comes to one simple truth: a good moving company is going to give you peace of mind. Hiring movers will allow you to focus on what only you can take care of while experts handle what they do best.

A Moving Company can Provide a Peace of Mind

Your truck is finally unloaded, you’re exhausted, your back hurts and all of your hair is officially pulled out!  Bringing all the above benefits together comes to one simple truth: a good moving company is going to give you peace of mind. Hiring movers will allow you to focus on what only you can take care of while experts handle what they do best.

A Moving Company can Provide a Peace of Mind

11. Moving APT- American Professional Transportation


10. Mayflower Transit


9. FlatRate Moving


8. Bekins


7. Arpin Van Lines


6. Graebel


5. International Van Lines


4. North American Moving Services


3.  Atlas Van Lines


2. United Van Lines



  1. Wheaton Worldwide Moving


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Five Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Five Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Usually when people are looking for a place to store their stuff, price and proximity are the two top-featured aspects. This article will shed some light on other important features to keep in mind when sizing up a storage facility. These simple suggestions will benefit first-renters as well as seasoned storage veterans alike. 

Facility Security

Knowing that your belongings are safe and secure is a top priority and will give you the peace of mind so that you are not always worrying about your stuff. Paying close attention to the security features that any facility you are considering renting from is important. Look for:

  • Security Cameras

  • Fence Around Facility

  • How well the storage units are constructed.

  • Locks on the units (don’t use bolt locks that can easily be cut)

  • Code-locked Gate at Entrance

  • Good-Lighting

  • Neighborhood around where facility is located

Don’t be afraid to ask the owner about the security measures that their respective facility offers. 

Self Storage Insurance

Some storage facilities will offer Self Storage Insurance to add an extra layer of security knowing your items are protected. Check with each owner to see what the facility offers as way of insurance. While an important factor to consider, if your facility meets all other criteria this may not be a deal-breaker. 

Facility Cleanliness

Along with facility security, make sure that your valuables will be kept clean and in good condition by evaluating the cleanliness of the facility before renting. Tour the facility and the individual units to make sure everything is orderly and neat. You will want to make sure your unit is protected from the elements such as moisture, dirt, and floods as well as from mice and other rodents.

after hours access & Assistance

Before renting, make sure you will have access to your stuff year round and that the facility owner will be good to work with. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something from your storage, driving across town to go get it, and then being stopped at the gate because of bad facility access problems. These types of things can be eliminated with a little foresight and evaluation.

Climate Controlled Facility

One last thing that would be important to keep in mind is the actual items you are planning on storing. Questions you should ask yourself– How long am I planning on storing my items? Are these belongings heat/cold sensitive? Is it worth a little extra money to make sure my stuff is protected from the elements? Items that might require climate sensitive storage include:

  • Electronics

  • Business Documents

  • Family Heirlooms

  • Vehicles

  • Valuable Art (Paintings & Photography)

  • Furniture

If you have any questions about whether or not climate controlled storage is for you, feel free to call or email us! (CONTACT US) 

Choosing the right facility to rent from is like choosing a good landlord. It will save you time and headaches in the future and make the entire experience more enjoyable. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to look for when choosing the Storage that works for you! 

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit 150 150 corey

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit

Finding a storage facility to rent from can be a pain! There are a lot of factors that go into finding the storage facility that’s right for you. Most people might think that the only factor would be the cost. This article will explain other factors that are just as important as the cost when searching for the correct self storage facility.

Finding! Forget about the old days of using the phonebook to call a bunch of different storage facilities with half of them answering their phones, and half of those people having what you have available to rent, and then half of those not being able to meet you at the facility to let you in until it’s on their time frame. Today we have the greatest resources ever, the Internet. You can quickly search on the internet to find a website for the storage facility and see everything they offer, what units are available, you can rent and pay online, and move in the same day. When it comes to finding, The Internet is the source to go to! Now that you’ve found a bunch of different storage facilities it’s time to ask yourself some questions about the storage facilities that you’ve found.

  • First, is Cost: How much does the storage unit cost?

  • Location: Is it close to roads? How is the Neighborhood? Are the Neighboring business kept in good shape?

  • Lighting: is there good lighting available for those darker winter months?

  • Easy Access: Can you easily maneuver a truck around the facility?

  • Fence & Gate: Is there a fence or a gate?

  • Features: Do they have any convenience features such as the ability to rent online? receive Text/Email Notifications about your bill, or account? Can you access your bill online and make a payment online? can you be set up on recurring billing?